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financial instruments traded in stock market (Đức)

Ngày đăng: Thứ Tư , 28 Tháng 2/, 2018  12:11
Tin đăng từ: Thứ Tư , 28 Tháng 2/, 2018  12:12
Kết thúc vào: Thứ Sáu, 08 Tháng 6/, 2018  13:11
Email: (Not Shown)


Financial instruments traded in stock market include: Bonds, Shares, securities and insurance. A bond is where a person loans money from a company or government. The loaner borrows it for a fixed period of time and makes sure it is return on agreed time. Shares are bought by an individual in a certain business, this normally is for a certain percentage and then full transfer of ownership is done when agreement is done and then a shareholder starts getting monthly dividends depending on how much was speculated to receive. Securities include the guarantee of a said bought product-that is how long it is expected to last and it does not, it's to be return and owner gets another one. An insurance is where a specific company covers loss or damage for damaged properties. There are monthly premiums paid for insured products. Da Nang, Vietnam
http://https://moneyonlineinvestment.com/_/financial_instruments_traded_in_stock_market/r299502_How-financial-instruments-traded-in-stock-market/Da Nang-Vietnam.html »

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